New Rules Backlash & Changes

A lot more people were upset by the rule changes than I originally thought so I’ve decided to just scratch them and keep the rules the same. Its been working out pretty good so why change it? It would have made a few things a bit easier on my side but considering the number of unhappy players it caused I think not implementing them is the best choice.

I want to keep the players happy, what’s the point of a server with no people on it? Sometimes there will be things that will happen that players may not like but consider this didn’t have to be one I decided against it altogether.

I also wanted to address a few things. If you are going to complain about something, especially something I’ve said please read everything I’ve said. Today is when I decided to revert the rule changes and a said a few things in Discord talking about it but no one noticed what I said and continued to complain. People were upset so I said “I’m aware. I’ve reconsidered but I’m not home atm so I’ll make a statement then.”(at 6:15). Complaints continued so I said “Again “may or may not change anything”. But also I have reconsidered the rules.” yet it was ignored and people continued to complain. Yes I didn’t @everyone, so maybe not everyone saw it but I wasn’t going to make an official statement till I got home and around to it.  Anyhow please read things more thoroughly.