Update 11/30/17

Wipe is next week so I wanted to address what’s going to happen. First off blueprints will not be wiping unless Facepunch comes out of nowhere and does a forced wipe for them. This time around we did a vote (http://www.strawpoll.me/14479697/r) and keeping the blueprints won. But I will be wiping blueprints 01/04/18 as long as Facepunch doesn’t beat me to it. For this wipe, I was going to test out a few seeds to make sure we get all of the radtowns but according to the latest devblogĀ  I might not need to.

Monuments now simulate a large number of potential placements and pick the one that fits the most monuments on the map. Up until now the map generation was only trying to find a spot for the high priority monuments and was okay with having less of the other ones around, even if there were more ideal options available that could fit much more monuments into the same space. – Devblog 188

With the wipe, the new rules will be enacted which has unfortunately upset some people but I believe its a must have for servers that limit group sizes. We will also be trying out a new host this wipe which should hopefully reduce the lag that players have been experiencing.

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  1. Unfortunately I feel as if the new rule is a bit of a disaster because the server size is already limited to three in regards to the number of people that we can base with, raid with etc. There’s already a limit on these so putting further limits upon folks is just a bit derpy.

    What the new rules really do is limit the ability of new players to the server which is going to be the biggest issue because for those folks who like to play solo, the inability to not group close to folks inhibits significant growth on an individual level. Cooperation will decrease between folks, which is key to often surviving the world. Furthermore, this is going to be difficult to enforce. One can’t simply moderate how someone chooses to have allies on the map. While the number of folks signed onto a TC, doorlocks etc, can be seen, alliances verbally communicated can’t be broken.

    Lastly, the server is also going to feel the impacts of the limitation upon folks as well. When I first came to this server, I had a dedicated group of folks who played on a different server who were willing to come to the server and play. However, with the limitations, I was made to parse through friends; to decide who was more worthy of having as a strategic partnership in my base. This may be fine for folks who start out on the server, but the incentive to move to the server will be diminished further due to the inability to even have a group of folks who are based in the same area/share the same goals.

    Lastly, I think the new rules will also affect morale on a game and server where the population at large tends to be toxic. With the new limitations, we’re shoved further into our “castles” as the new rules are clearly intended to do. With a vote of 49/51, in favor of the new rules, I honestly don’t know why we’re implementing something that is clearly going to be a big loss for 48 percent of the population, but with the clear design and wishes of the owner, I guess we’re only looking for a majority, whether very small or big and somehow this is still seen as a win?

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