Good News & Bad News

First, off the good news, the new host has been acquired and we are no longer using Gameservers. Gameservers did a good job most of the time but their “24/7” support was horrendous. Lately, we have been having a lot of problems and the host hasn’t been able to fix it so it was time we ditched. We are now using Fragnet, hopefully, we have better luck with them.

Now onto the bad news, the new blueprint system stores the data in a very stupid way. The blueprint data is stored in the user folder, said folder is very small only about 400kb but there are over 20k folders on the inside. the main problem here is how extremely slow FTP is. It took me about 5hrs to download that folder because FTP downloads one file at a time and has to find the next file. Uploading all of this will be even slower if it takes too long we may have to wipe bps.