Greifing, Rules, & More

So as of recently, some things have gotten out of hand. Lots of complaints that people aren’t being punished for breaking certain rules, specifically the griefing rule. So here’s the thing I never really intended on that rule being a ban-able offense but now that it seems to be getting out of hand it will be. Minor griefing won’t really go punished, either Ill remove it or maybe the user will decide to just undo it them self. Major griefing may result in a ban depending on the circumstances such as first offense if they apologies and undo it, and etc.

Another thing from now on when I’m admining I may also be recording so that the whole “where’s the proof” bull shit goes away. It just depends on the situation. If its something like more than 3 players doing something it may be recorded. If they are offline it may not be.

Finally, I may try implementing the “new” rule again next month. The whole “No grouping with people you don’t base with & no substituting users” because it would help with the whole no more than 3 players may… rule being abused. Like last time I’ll leave it to a vote but don’t expect it till near next month.