Change is Good

So after the changes from last month not working and many other changes suggested I’ve decided to do some new changes are revert some others. I will be removing the no substituting rule and the no “grouping” with people you don’t base with rule. But I will still recommend not doing them as it will cause fewer problems. I will also be bringing back the remover tool even though it has its problems. I may also lower the decay/upkeep times.

Now on to some of the suggestions from the form. (

1. BI-WEEKLY WIPE AND MONTHLY BP WIPE. If previous population was low, perhaps a smaller map may help.

– I will consider the bi-weekly wipe, and I think monthly bp wipe is a good idea. I may lower the map size to 3000-3500 next wipe.

2. zlevels would be fun idk

– A few people have suggested Z Levels, I might add it in the future. If I do the server will probably start out at 2x then go to 3x when leveled.

3. Less cheat addons that make it easier to smelt and craft. No teleports.

– I actually agree with most of this, smelting isn’t too op though. As for crafting if it gets support Ill change it to 1/2 craft. Teleports are a tough one, it makes the game a bit easier and much more convenient it’s also one of the main parts for donating so unless a lot of people want it gone I probably won’t remove it.

4. Safe zones(?) Special areas people can go and not worry about kos

– It actually used to be a no kos server and that didn’t work out too well. As for no kos zones, it could be interesting but I don’t think it would work out.

So that’s pretty much it for the suggestions, there were some duplicates and very similar ones as well as ones that weren’t really suggestions which is why I didn’t include them all.