The End… For now.

I ended up keeping the server going for a few more months but unfortunately, it didn’t go anywhere. I do enjoy running servers so I might reopen it or a server for another game sometime in the future. But for now, this is the end.

The End?

The time has come. It has been a good run but all good things must come to an end. The server has had many ups and downs but for the most part, it was fun to manage. Unless the server gets a large uptick in the player base and or in donations March will be the final month. I don’t mind paying out of pocket when there’s a good amount of people there to enjoy it but it’s pointless to run a server for 5 people.

This isn’t the end of everything and this doesn’t rule out the possibility of coming back in the future. But for now, this is the end.

Throughout the nearly three and a half years this server has been up a lot happened. A lot of good and some bad.


The Start:

Originally the server didn’t allow KOS(Killing on site), pretty much no killing without reason. This was interesting but it was definitely a pain to manage as it reports were pretty much he said she said. This actually attracted a decent following, there were probably 10 or so regulars at this time.  This was fun but it did get boring.


Sometime later I discovered a plugin which allowed you to create NPCs that could be made to run around certain areas. I put some military guys at the airfield, some zombie-like ones at the power plant, and some bandits at some random red towns. This was a lot of fun and a lot of people liked it but it was a hassle to have to set up every wipe as they had to be made one at a time.

The Chickening:

A while after NPCs I found another plugin which let you place and builds stuff anywhere. This made for some interesting stuff at the red towns. It also saved the day a few times when ladders at radtowns were broken by an update. This plugin also allowed you to spawn animals. Left click spawned 1, right-click continued to spawn them while held. Accidently hold that for a second and you have yourself a few thousand chickens. This ended up crashing the server and making it unplayable for a little while before I got it fixed.


The Flood:

It took a while but there was a period where the server population exploded. I actually had to increase the server cap and get a new host. Unfortunately, it didn’t last.


The Cheater:

With the uptick in the population, it was inevitable that there would be some cheaters that would come and ruin the fun. This was one of the few guaranteed cheaters that got banned. He wasn’t exactly the brightest because he ended up bragging about it to players which is when I stepped in. After eavesdropping on a few conversations and catching him using ESP he was taken care of. Thanks to TheMilkMan for helping expose him.


Chinese Invasion:

During the time that the server was doing good, there were a lot of new people joining. This group happened to be Chinese. The server was solo-duo-trio at this time so I often went around checking if people are breaking the rules. This group got accused of cheating which they very well could have been but after watching them for a while I couldn’t confirm it. They were off the hook for a bit. That is until I checked their base. They had at least 20 people in their group. Spoiler alert they all got banned.



That’s much it, there are more stories but these were probably the most memorable. I’d like to thank the community for a good time and I hope you enjoyed playing on our servers. But as I stated earlier this isn’t the end forever, it may come back in the future. The Discord server and steam group will remain open,  but if you want the latest news I recommend joining the Discord server. So for now, its goodbye but I hope to see you in game or in the discord.



The End is Nigh

Lone Survivor has had a good run, but it’s on borrowed time. The server has been pretty much dead for the past few months, I don’t think the population has surpassed 10. If it continues like this the server is going to have to shut down. There is no point in burning money.

After this month I’m going to be switching back over to gameservers as they are significantly cheaper and I have some money in that account that I don’t want to go to waste.

So how much time is left? About five months if you include August. If the server picks up again then I’ll definitely keep it going and probably return to a better server at fragnet. But if it doesn’t that will likely be the end.

Change to Biweekly

Time to try something new, biweekly wipes. From now on there will be a wipe every two weeks. Blueprints will likely be wiped every month. The next wipe will be 07/19/18.

Wipe & Change

With the wipe comes the changes, everyone now only has 1 home and skinbox can only be used by donors. MineAnywhere the plugin which allowed you to mine junk piles has been removed. I really liked the plugin but it was buggy and no longer being updated. With its removal, I have doubled the scrap spawns, so originally if you got 10 you now get 20.

If you are interested in what will be in the update check out Rustafied’s blog on it.

Plugin & Donation Changes

Changes are coming to teleportation and donation ranks.  Some people dislike the “pay to win” of the donation ranks. I would hardly call it pay to win, especially compared to other modded Rust servers but I do agree that having more homes with others can be a bit overpowered. So I’ve decided to leave the fate of teleportation/homes up to a vote, currently, it’s looking like people want everyone to have 1 home. Personally, I wouldn’t mind removing them but I wanted to leave it to a vote.

With the removal of the extra homes as benefits for donating I’m going to be adding more cosmetic plugins. I may also make SkinBox donor only. If you have any suggestions on some cosmetic plugins or any other plugins please let me know.

If you haven’t voted yet make sure to vote

Change is Good

So after the changes from last month not working and many other changes suggested I’ve decided to do some new changes are revert some others. I will be removing the no substituting rule and the no “grouping” with people you don’t base with rule. But I will still recommend not doing them as it will cause fewer problems. I will also be bringing back the remover tool even though it has its problems. I may also lower the decay/upkeep times.

Now on to some of the suggestions from the form. (

1. BI-WEEKLY WIPE AND MONTHLY BP WIPE. If previous population was low, perhaps a smaller map may help.

– I will consider the bi-weekly wipe, and I think monthly bp wipe is a good idea. I may lower the map size to 3000-3500 next wipe.

2. zlevels would be fun idk

– A few people have suggested Z Levels, I might add it in the future. If I do the server will probably start out at 2x then go to 3x when leveled.

3. Less cheat addons that make it easier to smelt and craft. No teleports.

– I actually agree with most of this, smelting isn’t too op though. As for crafting if it gets support Ill change it to 1/2 craft. Teleports are a tough one, it makes the game a bit easier and much more convenient it’s also one of the main parts for donating so unless a lot of people want it gone I probably won’t remove it.

4. Safe zones(?) Special areas people can go and not worry about kos

– It actually used to be a no kos server and that didn’t work out too well. As for no kos zones, it could be interesting but I don’t think it would work out.

So that’s pretty much it for the suggestions, there were some duplicates and very similar ones as well as ones that weren’t really suggestions which is why I didn’t include them all.

Wipe and New Rules

The update came much earlier than normal so there was a bit of downtime so sorry for that. Anyhow like previously stated with the wipe the new rules are going into effect (No grouping with people you don’t base with & no substituting users) which should fix all of this massive group nonsense.

Holidays & Sales

Christmas is nearly here so I’ve decided we will have a Christmas sale on all of the donation ranks. Starting 12/20/17 all of the ranks will be 20% off. The sale will end 12/27/17.

On Christmas Eve and Christmas day I will be pretty busy, I probably won’t even be home for a majority of the day as I’ll be visiting with family. So if there are any problems on these days just make a ticket or send me a message and I’ll get to it as soon as possible.

Greifing, Rules, & More

So as of recently, some things have gotten out of hand. Lots of complaints that people aren’t being punished for breaking certain rules, specifically the griefing rule. So here’s the thing I never really intended on that rule being a ban-able offense but now that it seems to be getting out of hand it will be. Minor griefing won’t really go punished, either Ill remove it or maybe the user will decide to just undo it them self. Major griefing may result in a ban depending on the circumstances such as first offense if they apologies and undo it, and etc.

Another thing from now on when I’m admining I may also be recording so that the whole “where’s the proof” bull shit goes away. It just depends on the situation. If its something like more than 3 players doing something it may be recorded. If they are offline it may not be.

Finally, I may try implementing the “new” rule again next month. The whole “No grouping with people you don’t base with & no substituting users” because it would help with the whole no more than 3 players may… rule being abused. Like last time I’ll leave it to a vote but don’t expect it till near next month.