Good News & Bad News

First, off the good news, the new host has been acquired and we are no longer using Gameservers. Gameservers did a good job most of the time but their “24/7” support was horrendous. Lately, we have been having a lot of problems and the host hasn’t been able to fix it so it was time we ditched. We are now using Fragnet, hopefully, we have better luck with them.

Now onto the bad news, the new blueprint system stores the data in a very stupid way. The blueprint data is stored in the user folder, said folder is very small only about 400kb but there are over 20k folders on the inside. the main problem here is how extremely slow FTP is. It took me about 5hrs to download that folder because FTP downloads one file at a time and has to find the next file. Uploading all of this will be even slower if it takes too long we may have to wipe bps.

New Rules Backlash & Changes

A lot more people were upset by the rule changes than I originally thought so I’ve decided to just scratch them and keep the rules the same. Its been working out pretty good so why change it? It would have made a few things a bit easier on my side but considering the number of unhappy players it caused I think not implementing them is the best choice.

I want to keep the players happy, what’s the point of a server with no people on it? Sometimes there will be things that will happen that players may not like but consider this didn’t have to be one I decided against it altogether.

I also wanted to address a few things. If you are going to complain about something, especially something I’ve said please read everything I’ve said. Today is when I decided to revert the rule changes and a said a few things in Discord talking about it but no one noticed what I said and continued to complain. People were upset so I said “I’m aware. I’ve reconsidered but I’m not home atm so I’ll make a statement then.”(at 6:15). Complaints continued so I said “Again “may or may not change anything”. But also I have reconsidered the rules.” yet it was ignored and people continued to complain. Yes I didn’t @everyone, so maybe not everyone saw it but I wasn’t going to make an official statement till I got home and around to it.  Anyhow please read things more thoroughly.

Update 11/30/17

Wipe is next week so I wanted to address what’s going to happen. First off blueprints will not be wiping unless Facepunch comes out of nowhere and does a forced wipe for them. This time around we did a vote ( and keeping the blueprints won. But I will be wiping blueprints 01/04/18 as long as Facepunch doesn’t beat me to it. For this wipe, I was going to test out a few seeds to make sure we get all of the radtowns but according to the latest devblog  I might not need to.

Monuments now simulate a large number of potential placements and pick the one that fits the most monuments on the map. Up until now the map generation was only trying to find a spot for the high priority monuments and was okay with having less of the other ones around, even if there were more ideal options available that could fit much more monuments into the same space. – Devblog 188

With the wipe, the new rules will be enacted which has unfortunately upset some people but I believe its a must have for servers that limit group sizes. We will also be trying out a new host this wipe which should hopefully reduce the lag that players have been experiencing.

New Site!

Welcome to the new website! It is still a work in progress. I’m open to suggestions and constructive criticism.